Synergy Health and Nutrition for natural balance.

Synergy Health and Nutrition Products from Wellbeing Blyth
Synergy Independent Team Member

Life is about “Balance”- Mind, Body and Spirit – something I’m sure that you are aware of. Here at Wellbeing Blyth, we focus on those 3 aspects help you restore your natural balance.

I probably don’t need tell you that generally we are undernourished. That is not to say we don’t get enough food. On the contrary, generally we are all eating too much, but are we are not getting the nutritional content in our food.  Forced farming methods, depleted soil, chemicals that are put on the crops to make them grow faster and bigger, all degrade the quality of the nutrients. Can you remember the last time that you had a peach, that when you bit into it, it dribbled down your chin because it was so juicy? Lots of fruit, and some vegetables are harvested early and ripened in sheds, resulting in less nutritional content.

The mega trends of the 21st Century, like Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes (type II) Cholesterol, Obesity, are all down to nutrition deficiency. We have therefore aligned ourselves with a company called Synergy Worldwide, who have developed a simple range of products to help restore that balance in our diets. Unlike 85% of other nutritional suppliers on the market today, they manufacture in-house, and test every product to ensure it is pure, potent and tested to prove it has the nutritional content that it describes on the label – which allows them to offer a 90 day product money-back guarantee if you don’t feel a benefit from using their products.

So let’s chat about your concerns, and if appropriate, we may recommend one of those products, whether it be low energy, acid reflux or high blood pressure, and together we’ll help you regain your natural balance.