Crystal Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancing stone treatment

Crystal Chakra Balancing is an ancient wellbeing practice using the laying on of crystal stones.

The client lays, fully clothes on a massage bed, with a light blanket over them.

I check the seven main Chakras (energy centres of the body) using an amethyst pendulum to see if any of the energy centres are blocked or stagnant.

I then place a specific crystal on each chakra area if needed and then recheck with the pendulum that the energy is flowing.

This process takes approximately half an hour.

Fee: £10

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This is a very relaxing, balancing and beneficial treatment when used alongside another treatment such as Reiki Healing.

It gives you a visual indicator of how your physical and emotion wellbeing is.

There are seven main Chakras

Base – Colour: Red – Action: I am

Sacral – Colour: Orange – Action: I feel

Solar Plexus – Colour: Yellow – Action: I do

Heart – Colour: Green/Pink – Action: I love

Throat – Colour: Blue – Action: I speak

Third Eye – Colour: Indigo – Action: I see

Crown – Colour: Violet – Action: I understand

If you would like to have a chat about any of these sessions please contact me and I’ll be happy to go through them with you.