About Wellbeing Blyth

Having grown up on my family’s farm, nature has always played a big part in my life and my passion for the outdoors is still with me today.

As a kid I would pack up a rucksack and set off to explore the surroundings, discovering new and beautiful natural treasures right on my doorstep…

Lesley Green Wellbeing Blyth

…Today nature plays the same key role in my life. I love long country walks, breathing in the fresh air and the feeling of being free. There is nothing more beautiful than the sunrise in the morning, the moon and stars on a clear evening and a breathtaking sky on a bright sunny day…

…I find a great comfort in nature, and it’s no surprise to me that I have an affinity with the power of natural healing. I am fortunate to be able to say that my work is my hobby and It’s a please to share my surroundings whilst giving the many natural holistic treatments I can offer to help you become physically and emotionally well.

Here are a selection of images taken around my family’s farm